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Medical Gas Pipeline System

  • Oxygen

  • Nitrous oxide

  • Anesthesia gas scavenging system (AGSS)

  • Medical air (MA-4)

  • Nitrogen

  • Surgical Air (SA-7)

  • Carbon dioxide

  • Vacuum

  • Mixed gas


Modular ICU

  • We perform the highest quality standards, modules and components are customized to your requirements, the integration of new systems and devices is possible at any time.
    You need to know that our systems and products are designed to the highest quality standards.


Modular operation theatre

  • With over 30 years of experienced personnel in the medical gas pipeline industry, Prosys understands and adopts the industry's specialized requirements to encompass all aspects of customer service, product quality, hygiene and ease of use required to become a successful partner.
    All our supplies and installations comply with the highest internationally approved standards


medical vacuum plant

  • ProSys supply and install Vacuum Plant  under BS EN 13485 Medical Devices, It provides a centralized source of vacuum, available in simplex to multi-pump configurations dependent on individual requirement, to include complete package plant or modular format


Medical gas outlets

  • The  Terminal Unit is designed to enable gas probes to be connected and disconnected easily and with minimal effort and the same time as giving a strong, reliable and secure connection. They are available for oxygen, nitrous oxide, 50% oxygen/50% nitrous oxide mixture, medical air, surgical air, medical vacuum, carbon dioxide, nitrogen and AGSS. Test plugs are included with flush, surface, and bedhead types for first fix pressure testing on site.


Degreased copper tube

  • Degreased copper tube is manufactured  under BS EN 13485 Medical Devices: Quality Management Systems. All tubes is manufactured under strict quality control procedures to ISO 9001:2008.


Degreased medical gas copper fittings

  • Designed exclusively for Medical Gas Pipeline Systems (MGPS), we adopt copper fittings that comply with the specialized requirements of the medical gas pipeline industry and adopt them to encompass all aspects of design


liquid oxygen tanks

  • Liquid Oxygen Tanks (LOX) Tanks are stationary, vacuum-insulated pressure vessels for storage of cryogenic liquefied gases. Low evaporation rate, ergonomic layout of instruments and controls for ease of use, carefully selected components and outstanding build quality ensure a high degree of reliability and economy in everyday use and guarantee the longevity of the vessel.


Medical grade oxygen generator

  • The Oxygen Generating Plant provides a centralized source of Oxygen up to 95% +/- 3% purity available in a variety of configurations.
    The stations are readily equipped with O2 analyzers, complete with an Alarm to ensure the produced purity of the O2 is controlled and not less than the programmed parameter.


Medical gas manifolds

  • A standard system would feature a central control panel with a header assembly.
    Digital display of bottle pressure for duty and standby banks.
    Electronic control with alarm and BMS outputs for remote status indication.
    The unit is designed for wall mounting as standard, however, options available include floor mounted assemblies and formats to suit customer requirements.
    Also available is a high flow capable of providing a distribution flow rate up to 2500l/min.


Medical lockable line valve & NIST tee assembly

  • The lockable line valve is manufactured under BS EN 13485 Medical Devices: Quality Management Systems and CE marked with notified body British Standards Institute under the Medical Device Directive 93/42/EEC (CE0086). They are designed to have a tight shut off and blow out proof stem for protection against pressure surges.


Oxygen flow meter

  • The flow meter should be equipped with special gas sensors and only connect to the corresponding medical gas unit, it measures the flow accurately at 0-15 litres per minute (Lpm) even at variable inlet pressures. Accuracy is achieved in the range of 10% to achieve maximum efficiency for the patient and the environment. Each flow meter is calibrated at an inlet pressure of 50 psi


Suction flow meter

  • The unit is specifically designed to provide high flow rates with minimal restriction in the ward and operating room which require high level suction use for patients. The standard inlet connection is compatible with the CPX BS Gas outlet, however other inlet connections are available dependant on the hospital requirement.


NFPA scroll compressors

  • Newly designed scroll systems provide footprint reduction and enhances the overall serviceability by means of its compact design. Mounted horizontally on top of the receiver tank, this configuration is available for compressors ranging between 2 – 7.5 HP, offering you maximum space efficiency.


Compressed air piping systems

  • The concept behind compressed air systems is simple in theory. We’re talking about transferring air from one part of your workshop to another where a device can use the energy your compressor creates. To do this, you need quality compressed air piping to connect everything together. Sounds simple, right? It should be, but many people run into problems because they haven’t planned their layout and their systems properly. To put it in basic terms, if you haven’t planned your compressed air piping system, you’re could lose efficiency, time and consequently money. Let’s have a look at how you can get the most out of your compressed air system.

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