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Medical Gas Pipeline System

The Medical Gas Pipeline System is a key element of every hospital. The MGPS provides substantial medical gases for patient ventilation and other clinical applications. Installing a reliable central medical gas supply involves a great deal of responsibility, which we are happy to take on for you – with specialist knowledge, outstanding systems expertise, and a comprehensive range of services.

Medical Gas System Components


Medical Air plant

Artificial respiration is vital to many intensive-care patients, which means that supplying safe and effective medical compressed air is crucial. Medical Air Ensure forms the link between the compressor system and the hospital’s supply system


Medical Vacuum System

Vacuum generation is an essential component of the supply system for medical gases in any hospital, and a reliable vacuum supply is indispensable in everyday clinical routine.


Digital Area Alarm Unit

The Digital Area Alarm is used to monitor pipeline pressure within a ward, theatre, private rooms etc ...


AGSS Scavenging System

The Anaesthetic Gas Scavenging System (AGSS) is a system that actively removes anaesthetic gas mixtures from operating theatres and any other areas fitted with nitrous oxide terminal units. Gas scavenging systems are the first line of defence and the preferred method of control to protect employees from exposure to anaesthetic gases.


Area Valve Service Unit (AVSU)

Area Valve Service Unit (AVSU) – provides local isolation of individual parts of medical gas and vacuum piping system required for installation, maintenance, or in the event of an emergency


Automatic Medical Gas Manifold

Cylinder manifolds are an important element of gas management in hospitals. They ensure the supply with medical gases and control the gas pressure. The core of the system is the Gas Control Station.


Medical Lockable Line Valves

The key feature of lockable line valves is a simple locking device that can either lock the operating lever in the open or closed position. They offer excellent, leak free connections as soon as they are joined to the corresponding pipe work


Bed Head Unit

The bed head unit is a key equipment to the comfort of patients and their proper care during their stay in hospital, Bed Head Unit configuration is fully modular : length, number/type of outlets, colors , etc... can be designed according to the specifications of each project.


Medical Gas Outlets

Medical Wall Gas Outlet is a gas supply device designed for medical care institutions such as the Operating room, Ward, ICU, etc ...


Oxygen pressure regulator

This device is designed to adjust and control the oxygen flow.


Single Stage Medical Oxygen regulator

Single Stage Oxygen Regulators are manufactured using standard quality materials that are procured from the certified vendors in the industry. These are used for regulating the flow of the gases like oxygen, nitrogen etc ...


Medical Copper Tubes

Medical gas is vital to all patient care centers, whether in the intensive care unit or in surgical operating rooms, and medical copper tubes are an important and essential component in delivering reliable pure gas to patient care wards.

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